Over half of marriages end in divorce. 

No one ever plans on it happening to them, but many end up in painful situations. Even as believers our marriages are no exception to this staggering statistic. Successful relationships begin by finding out who you are in Christ before you ever ask any one out. 

God has paid the ultimate ransom for our hearts. It is when we let this truth saturate our lives that we will ever remotely come close to having successful relationships. 

Whether you are single, in an existing relationship, or already on the marriage journey, this retreat is for you. 


Ransomed Hearts Retreat

Led by Gabi & Mike Keenum 

November 7 & 8

Cost: $25


Friday, November 7th 

7 pm

Session 1:  Meet in FBC Chapel




Saturday, November 8th

10 am

Session 2: Meet in FBC Chapel 

12 pm 

Lunch: Lowrie Hall

1 - 3 pm 

Dance Lessons

3:30 pm

Session 3