Family in College

Life Groups are adult led Bible studies that meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am. Each Life Group is led by different adult couples that go over various topics. 

2016-2017 lifegroups


Job & Janis Buschman, and Tim & Beth Dallas, E309 - “The Reasons We Believe”

The class explores various religions and ideologies that shape human thought and world events. Influential religions will be contrasted with Christian theology and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Students will gain a deeper understanding of their faith and will be more confident sharing it. 


RYAN & NATALIE CORONA, E302C - "Throwback Sunday, OT and names of God"

Taking a step forward from individual salvation to exploring what it means to be part of the living body of Jesus Christ. Transforming our inward focus on faith into an outward expression of God's love. 


AARON & BRITTNYE DAVIS, E302 G/H - “Proverbs”

The message of the Twelve Ordinary Men is clear. If Christ can accomplish His purposes through the lives of common men like these, imagine what He has in store for you. 


Matt & Robin Dufilho, E301 “Cast of Characters”

The Scripture is filled with stories of everyday people just like us. Each week, we will take an in-depth look at different men and women from the Bible. We will examine their lives, their strengths, and their struggles to see what we can apply to our own lives of faith .


Keith & Karen Garner, E303 “The teachings of Christ” 

A study of the conversations Jesus had in the gospels. Jesus met each individual where they were and addressed their specific stumbling block to accepting His message.


Jim & Karen Higgins, E302 A/B “Foundational Faith: verse by verse through Romans”

The most basic foundational truths of our Christian faith are addressed in the book of Romans. Join us for an in depth walk through one of the most powerful and challenging letters ever written. We will deal with topics including: man's sin and condemnation, judgement, God's righteousness, forgiveness, Christ's substitutionary death, grace, redemption, sanctification, God's sovereign choice, man's free will, submission to authorities, and more.  Our hope is to become more faithful and functional believers in a lost world.

Kyle & Laci Keltz, E309 “The Christian disciples”

This semester we are studying the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. We will answer questions such as “Who is the Holy Spirit?” “What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?” “What are spiritual gifts?” and “What does it mean to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit?” Come join us as we discover what it means to live in the power of the Spirit!