2017-2018 Life Groups

Sunday morning Bible studies led by adult couples that meet at 9:30



Ryan & Natalie Corona

Daniel- Where has God placed you today? For Daniel, God had placed him in Babylon; a city where he and his friends would receive an education, go on to serve foreign masters, and eventually have their lives threatened by fire and beast. Why? For the same reason God has placed you in your Babylon, to transform those around us and bring glory to His name.


Aaron & Brittnye Davis

1 & 2 Timothy- Paul and Timothy forged a close knit relationship as Paul mentored a young Timothy, teaching, encouraging, and preparing him in the work of the gospel. The two letters Paul sent to Timothy cover the same topics we deal with today: false teachings, grace, leadership, relationships, money, and the end times. As we study these letters, we'll take away great bits of wisdom that we can learn from and use as we set an example for the watching world. 


Jim & Karen Higgins

Romans-The most basic foundational truths of our Christian faith are addressed in the book of Romans. As we continue our two year study we will continue to discuss topics including: man's sin and condemnation, judgement, God's righteousness, forgiveness, Christ's substitutionary death, grace, redemption, sanctification, God's sovereign choice, man's free will, submission to authorities, and much more.  Our hope is to become more faithful and functional believers in a lost world.


Chad & Brianna Sales

Matthew/Leviticus-We are interested in studying the sacrifice of Christ, not animal sacrifice.  Levitical rituals are obsolete for the Christian, but they provide immense relevance for believers today because it was in terms of these sacrifices that Jesus himself and the early church understood His atoning death.  If we wish to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and model our thoughts after His, we should attempt to understand the sacrificial system of Leviticus.