2017-2018 Life Groups

Sunday morning Bible studies led by adult couples that meet at 9:30



Ryan & Natalie Corona

1 Corinthians: How To...- Have you ever wondered if you're doing it right? Just because we identify as Christians, does that automatically mean we are living like Christ? The Corinthians didn't quite get it right all the time, and if we're honest, neither do we. As we study Paul's letter, we will learn what it means to not only name Jesus as Lord, but HOW we are to live with Jesus as our Lord.


Aaron & Brittnye Davis

Genesis- Join us as we start at the beginning! We will be studying through the book of Genesis and digging into the roots of our faith. We'll discuss what God's word says about creation, sin, forgiveness, and so much more. You will be challenged, stretched, and strengthened in your faith journey as you study and learn from the lives of the Patriarchs.


Jim & Karen Higgins

Joshua- The book of Joshua is the story of God's faithfulness and fulfillment of His promises to the Israelites. Though there would be great struggles and many battles to be won, God appoints Joshua to lead his people with faith, courage and hope into the Promised Land. This book challenges believers today to a life of trust, obedience and holiness as we too look forward to the promised rest we have in Jesus and out ultimate home in heaven. Out hope and prayer is that we too can live "strong and courageous" no matter the obstacles that may come before us.


Chad & Brianna Sales

Matthew- The Old Testament ends with a sense of unfinished business and a feeling of despair for the Nation of Israel. The Gospel of Matthew tells the story of how the Kingdom of God was brought to earth through the incarnation of Jesus Christ and how He was the unexpected fulfillment of all of Israel's hope for their Messiah. Come dive into the Gospel of Matthew and learn how Jesus fits into the larger narrative of how God utilized Israel to accomplish His purposes of redemption.